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Check Your Email 145 Times Today

If I were to tell you that you need to check your email 145 times today and every day, you’d think I was crazy, right?

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But according to Brian Tracy, that’s exactly what the average adult does.

And you wonder why you can’t get anything done…

Every time you send or receive an email, your body releases a tiny amount of dopamine – a stimulant somewhat similar to cocaine.

This gives you a mild sense of pleasure and so you keep doing it. You send and receive emails, check your texts, check your social media accounts, make calls and so forth, all to get these tiny hits of dopamine.

Worse yet, according to USA Today, as you continually do these things your brain become more and more fatigued. And by the end of the day you’ve lost about 10 IQ points!

If you ever wondered why you can’t figure out what to eat for dinner or what to watch on TV, that’s why.

So here’s my suggestion – check your email no more than 3 times per day. And when you do, take care of everything in your inbox at once. And then forget about it.

You’ll have more time for everything else in your life, and you won’t get so brain fatigued, either.

You might even be happier.

And once you get in the habit of only checking email 3 times per day, do the same for all of your social media accounts as well.

Pretty soon you’ll have more time, more energy and a better capacity to do more than zone out in front of the tv at night.

The Secret to Profitability in Continuity Programs

The ‘secret’ isn’t all that secret, and yet most marketers get this wrong.

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You simply have to give a much higher value than the price that subscribers pay, and two things will happen:

They will join in droves, and they will STAY and continue to pay.

It doesn’t matter if you’re charging $10 a month or $1,000 a month. Just make sure that your members are getting far more than the price they are paying.

For example, let’s say you want to build a membership on how to start an online business.

If you give your subscribers an eight week guarantee (think Clickbank) and a promise that they can start earning by the fourth week, you’re in business.

If you further promise full email support, you’ll do even better. Yes, you’ll outsource the support, and it will be well worth the cost. Many members will join just to get that live support.

Subscribers get new content each week, they have 8 weeks to get a refund, they’ll be making money in just 4 weeks, AND they have live support – do you think that might be a winner?

Absolutely. And you can use a similar model no matter what niche you’re in.

Let’s say you teach golfing. You promise that in 4 weeks they will shave 4 strokes off of their game. They have an 8 week guarantee. And sure, maybe you even throw in live support of some kind, too. Again, you’ve got a winner.

Always give far more in value than you’re charging for your membership sites, and you can’t go wrong.

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