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August’s 2017 SFI Badge Quest Cash Prize

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Nikola M. of Macedonia for winning August’s Badge Quest cash prize of $2196.06!

The winning number was 9412.

Nikola M. of Macedonia

The contest is simple: Collect badges and win prizes and recognition!

There are FIVE levels in Badge Quest:
Level One (Rising Star)
Level Two (Pro)
Level Three (Master)
Level Four (Grand Master)
Level Five (Grand Master Elite)

Everyday I am challenging myself to earn even more badges, so that I can advance and earn valuable prizes, recognition, and the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars in the big monthly Badge Quest cash drawing!

Join the quest to win this month’s bounty (minimum $500)!

My Current status is 48 TOTAL BADGES
My Leaderboard Rank: 357 (11875 points)
My Current Badge Quest level: Badge Quest Master

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