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A quick follow up framework that works for e-mail marketing.

Those in network marketing or who have a newsletter or blog and use affiliate marketing to monetize it will hear a million times about the power being in the list.


The people telling you this are usually selling something related to list building and those materials may or may not cover sculpting your e-mail campaigns.

According to Andy Anderson, a student of the late Cory Rudl of Internet Marketing Center fame shared a simple framework with him on building a community around your mailings. “A sales pitch will get you nowhere with 999,999 of 1 million people so unless you plan to sell only to 1 in a million readers you need to find out how to build a conversation that is not a sales pitch.” Andy says.

Here is the simple follow up system framework.

1. KNOW YOUR READERS— Who are your readers and why are they reading your blog, joining your list, visiting your offer pages? Don’t be afraid to open up with a bold statement like I know a lot about you and here it is. Using a profile may not fit every member and some do get offended by being added to a profile but that’s less than 30% of your subscribers and a far off from losing 999,999 of them.

2. LET YOUR READERS GET TO KNOW YOU— Scary as it may sound people like to now your struggles as much as your success because those speed bumps make you human and relatable. Don’t tell them how Sally Sue wouldn’t dance with you at prom but tell them I was a total networking noob on a mission.

3. FRAME and INFORM. This 3rd mailing is about laying out the opportunity overview and showing how and where the money is made with minimal depth. You don’t want a 6 page e-mail but you also want people to know they were given something of value.

4. Spend the next 3-5 e-mails sharing benefits or related products and giving ego boosting moral support, and a bit more specific training such as stream of income 1 details in your 5 stream earnings system.

5. Somewhere in the midst of this set up a conference call, Google Hangout, Skype Call, or Webinar to connect with each other and put faces to names. Tell them to get their questions ready and you will get them answers.

6. Reward often— Send gifts of e-books and mini reports related to the niche your product or company are in as ways to thank your readers. Keep them interested by making it in their best interest to tune in every time you send a new e-mail.

7. CLOSE STRONG— From e-mail 3 on you are about business. You know each other. You know what they are looking for and they know you can help and that you are the person who they want helping them. Don’t be bashful and ask for the sales, sign up, actions you would like to see happen.

Rinse and repeat with every new subscriber and you will have a list that is one in a million instead of conversions that are one in a million.

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