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Free Traffic to your Sites by giving away free PRO upgrades

How does this work?

I’m glad that you asked. By giving away free PRO upgrades they will flock to your sites to investigate the offer.

All that you have to do is let others (everybody) know about the free pro upgrades and they’re signing up like you are giving away FREE hundred dollars bills. But you are saving them money by them getting the free pro upgrade.

How do we benefit giving away free program upgrades?:

– The owner will be getting new members to his new site
– You will be getting traffic indirectly to your sites that you are promoting
– They get to see the members ads
– The owner and you build good will
– The owner gets to know know you (That you are the man/woman when it comes to getting signups)
– Of course, you can become the Top Referrer
– If they purchase a higher upgrade you benefit (No need to purchase a higher upgrade)
– And Etc…

Once people get to know you, they signup without hesitation because they know you only recommend good stuff.

You want to hear a sad story?

Most join and use the advertising sites but they don’t promote the sites. (Leaving a lot of traffic on the table)

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Booming Website Traffic & Mailer

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