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Healthy Start To An Energy-Filled Day

Enjoy the delicious health benefits of NeoLifeShake. With 25% less sugar but 100% deliciousness, it’s the perfect shake for the entire family!

Reality Of The Modern Diet

We are getting more than enough protein in our diet but it falls woefully short when it comes to the source that we are getting it from. Common high protein foods such as red meat, dairy products, and eggs are also laden with fat and cholesterol.

This may have played a role in leading to the high incidence of:
• Malnutrition
• Weight Gain
• Chronic Diseases

What To Look For In Your Protein Source

Biologically Complete
Providing all 22 amino acids including the essential ones

High Quality
All protein sources are not equal. The ratio of essential amino acids dictates the “quality” of protein. A PDCAAS (protein quality score) of 1 or higher is considered “excellent”. The higher the value, the better it matches the body’s natural amino acid

Naturally low in fat and cholesterol

Metabolically balanced ratios of Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrate

What Does NeoLife Shake do for you

Minimizes fat storage – promotes fat burning – Glycemic Response Controlled

Includes Muscle-Retaining BCAAs – Branch Chain Amino Acids

Helps your stomach tell your brain you’ve eaten enough – Promotes Gut-Brain Satiety Signalling

Great Health Starts Here
Lose Fat, Keep Muscle, Feel Full and Satisfied

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