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Introducing Rewardical from TripleClicks

Rewardical is here: From the family of TripleClicks and the soon to launch LocalVantia comes the exciting new rewards points from Carson Services Inc.

What’s a Rewardical?

Rewardicals are the amazing new tokens you can earn FREE when shopping at great local and online stores. Then redeem your Rewardical tokens whenever you want for a variety of cool products and other irresistable goodies–including free Bitcoin!

To sign up for your free local rewards use the following link easyrewards247 and enter promo code 1162a14.

When you join free you get 25 starter points towards rewards like 1oz silver bars and bitcoin, gift certificates and more.

Rewards will soon be available at a wide variety of merchants near you and will be a intrecal part of the Localvantia Merchant Program.

There are many reasons why it’s imperative that businesses offer their customers a loyalty program.

See this terrific article.

Get in on the know and use your promo code above right now.


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