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Are you Letting Your Emotions Take Control

Self development is a must when growing your business. The problem I ran into was I didn’t always know what video’s to listen to and watch. So I’ve decided to select the video’s of successful people, where I have read their books and that I really liked to get you started or to keep you going, if you’re an avid video viewer and need encouragement.

Law Of Attraction Coaching by Tony Robbins
Did you know that your daily emotional experience shapes the decisions you make and the actions you take?

Lessons Learnt
1. Write down 4 Simple Acton’s that you need to take to change your life?
2. What is the pain that you associate with each one that kept you taking action in the past?
3. Write down all the pleasures that you gotten for not taking action?
4. Write down the opposite? What will it cost you if you don’t change.
5. Pain and Pleasure are linked together.
6. Got to change what you associate pain and pleasue too. Many of us use the Approach avoidance method, which means mixed association with Pain and Pleasure.

Tony has said that “You control the focus of your mind”, which is so true and although simple enough, it will always will be our daily challenge.

What will be the utimate prize if I do not follow through?

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