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Ways to Win and Lose with SFI Opti-Build

It’s Sunday for many of you and Saturday for some of us but one thing for certain is it’s a great day to be in SFI.

Especially if you know how to win and lose with Opti-Build from SFI.

SFI has recently made a few changes that will automatically recognize and reward your hard work. The least of which is Opti-Build which has dropped a 5×5 forced matrix right in the middle of your active downline once you or members of your team reach Bronze Team Leader. This system is set up to allow you the option of accelerating the build out of the first 5 levels of your team and earn a greater piece of the profits of TripleClicks.com .

There is a way to win and a way to lose on Opti-Build and there is also a way to opt out of it and never explore the benefits at all.

Opti-Build, if you opt in for it, requires you maintain Bronze Team Leader status. That means you need at least one person in your team to commit to being an executive affiliate or better each month and that you generate an earned 3,000 Versa Points or shares in the TripleClicks Executive Bonus Pool, a Profit Share, each month given to all Executive Affiliates and Above at SFI.

This means you need to be a good sponsor and since most have nervous feelings about leadership you will want to train your brain to unlock the leader within. Let’s face it, smart people are more confident when they speak and smart people read, thus readers are confident leaders.

I mentioned a way to lose.

By either failing to opt into opti-build or not maintaining your rank of Bronze Team leader you will not receive the spillover referrals from your upline’s hard work. If a member of your team below you is qualified you might find yourself missing commissions and Versa Points that would have potentially been yours until you make it to Bronze Team Leader again.

How it works.

If you only an executive affiliate you earn VP off your actions and sales and sponsorship VP for your direct referrals. As a Bronze Team Leader however you earn matching Versa Points of up to 6 levels of downline and higher ranks allow you to earn up to 12 levels deep on matching VP which are profit shares in the success of the company.

When you are an Executive Affiliate and I put someone into the system who would be placed as your PSA or Personally Sponsored Affiliate they will instead go to the first BTL or higher ranked member of the team skipping you because you had not qualified for the rank yourself and thus are not Opti-Build Qualified.

If this person skips your 1st level you will not earn commissions from their purchases, will not earn sponsorship VP, at all ever, and if you don’t make it to Bronze Team Leader or higher you may never even earn matching Versa Points off them.

Path to victory is simple.

1. Become and Executive Affiliate.
2. Find a executive affiliate to join your team.
3. Earn 3,000 Versa Points through Sales, Actions, and purchases.

These will make you a Bronze Team Leader, from there you need to opt in to the Opti-Build system and you are all set, just keep growing your team.

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