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Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps,

down new roads, armed with nothing but their own vision.
Ayn Rand


I created this post because blogs are a true power tool of Internet Marketing but many don’t start one out of fear that it will be too hard or they can’t write etc.. Fact is many successful bloggers share grammatical errors, common misspells and other glitches.

Installing a WordPress Blog self hosted – 5 minute Installation

This Tutorial explains hosting and takes you through using a 1 click install offered by most hosting providers. It also shows you how to install themes and create your first post.

Creating a WordPress.com Blog (Hosted WordPress) Note SFI Gateways are considered Get Rich Quick links and thus are not allowed on Blogspot or WordPress.com, Tumblr, or Typepad. Use these mediums of free blogs only to promote products for sale and personal product reviews.


I recommend the use of a Self Hosted WordPress for the freedom and power, it has options and plugins not available with WordPress.com hosted blogs and if you are going to blog do it right and select WordPress.org or WordPress.com as a blogging platform.

Your future traffic generation depends on it.


Now to share a few of my favorite places to get blogging tips and learn marketing from top affiliates. Bloggers like Darren Rowse, Jeremy Shoemaker, John Chow, to name a few can teach you success steps both in training articles, through free publications, and by reading and learning from their materials. We learn so much by duplication and following the actions of others.

To that end here is my short-list of blogs to follow.

ProBlogger – Darren Rowse is a blog solution for everyone looking to be a powerful affiliate blogger. It covers topics like how to start a blog, how to write compelling post, and how to research products to sell. https://problogger.com/

Copy Blogger is a blog that focuses on good copy, be it ad copy, professional reviews, or simple article structure and more related to affiliate and non-affiliate marketing. In addition to a powerful training blog but also host a forum and online community for bloggers.



ShoeMoney is the blog of Jeremy Shoemaker who is a multimillion dollar a year blogger who is living the life of both professional affiliate and product creator, His webinars are filled with information and lead into solid products and offline courses but even if you can’t afford those top end products you will still learn volumes about successful profit blogging. http://www.shoemoney.com/

John Chow – JohnChow.com is another live affiliate blog from a multimillion dollar marketer who is also a product creator. John’s series Driving with John Chow is a great way to start learning about blogging, content, social media, and affiliate marketing and his post are very instructional and wide ranging. http://www.johnchow.com/

Research wise in addition to Google, Youtube, Metacafe, and Bing I use Ehow and Yahoo Answers and most often WikiPedia.


You are now armed with the tools needed to start a blog and create your first post. Don’t worry too much about misspelled words or proper punctuation or you might chicken out and not join the thousands of bloggers who have those same issues but are still making big money blogging for profits.

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